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Half book, half graphic-novel, London Deep is a sequence of 5 graphic novels with amazing illustrations and strips on every page.

London Deep was chosen as a Recommended Read for World Book Day. It was also picked as one of Manchester’s 24 (librarians) recommended reads.

Jemima Mallard is having a bad day. First she loses her air, then two kids sink her houseboat, and now the YPD (Youth Police) think she’s mixed up with a criminal called Father Thames. Not even her dad, a Chief Inspector with the ‘Dult Police, can help her out this time. Oh – and London’s still sinking. It’s been underwater ever since the ‘Climate Upgrade’.

Don’t miss Father Thames, Threadneedle and London Sink – the page-turning sequels to London Deep.

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‘This is a terrifically atmospheric page-turning adventure told through words and comic art. Set in the near future, in a flooded London where rival police forces – one for adults and one for kids – compete to keep the peace, it intertwines the story of Jemima, daughter of the Chief Inspector of Police, with contemporary issues of climate change and the environment in an original and provocative way but without sounding patronising. It’s a rattling good read and one in which you are sure to be drawn in to Jemima’s exploits of survival.’ – www.lovereading.co.uk

‘Through pace and narrative power, both admirably sustained, the book avoids becoming didactic. This is no campaign document on climate change…
The characterization, especially of Jemima and Nick, is forceful and convincing. They capture the reader’s interest and carry the narrative forward… ‘ – Armadillo Magazine 

‘Robin Price’s writing is quirky with a bit of an edge to it that greatly adds realism to this dystopian version of London… Add in the gritty illustrated comic panels by Paul McGrory and you find this is indeed something quite new, not only in plot, but in style. It’s not just an illustrated novel, nor is it quite a graphic novel. It is a hybrid between the two… As such, it works quite well for the younger market. Children aged 9 and above who are reluctant to read but love comics will find the shorter full text sections easy to get through, with the comic panels adding punctuation to the action occurring within that part of the chapter.’  – www.dooyoo.co.uk

‘This book contains some brilliant cartoon-illustrations drawn by Paul McGrory…Overall I thought this book was great. It would suit most ages.’ –  www.childrensbookreviews.co.uk

‘London Deep is a really amazing story about a twelve year old girl called Jemima Mallard. She lives in a flooded London of the future!! … This book is a very enjoyable read with lots of drama action and fun. The comic pics are very enjoyable to look at and they fit well with this kind of story.’ – Abigail – (aged 10).

‘Is this part graphic novel, part standard text, or is it a story with illustrations…? It made my head ache, but my eleven year old loved it and seemed to have no trouble cutting backwards and forwards between the two…’  – Rachel Ayers Nelson – School Librarian Magazine

The artwork in the first three London Deep books is by Paul McGrory – whilst the final two books – London Sink and London Stars are drawn by Rebecca Davy.