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The story:

Jemima Mallard is having a bad day. First she loses her air, then two youths sink her houseboat, and now the YPD (Youth Police) think she’s mixed up with a criminal called Father Thames. Not even her dad, a Chief Inspector with the ‘Dult Police, can help her out this time.

Oh – and London’s still sinking. It’s been underwater ever since the Climate Upgrade.

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The story:

Rebellious teen Jemima Mallard has done the unthinkable. She’s joined the Youth Police Department (YPD). Is she serious, or is she spying for the criminal Father Thames? Fellow YPD officer Nick Mallard isn’t sure.

Before he can test her loyalty, the two must go to war. Their city is under attack. From the Thames Barrier Reef to the Sink estates, strange ships have breached the defenses. London hasn’t seen anything like these raiders – adults and kids sailing and working together.

But orders are orders, Jem must find find a way to stop them.

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The story:

In the third installment of the London Deep series,  the outbreak of a deadly new disease threatens the city.

Nicknamed ‘threadneedle’ because of the spider’s web of dark blemishes it generates on the skin – this virus is fatal only to children, but adults are the carriers. Can Jem save her father from the plague?

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London SinkThe story:

In the third installment of the London Deep series hard times drive Jemima Mallard to rejoin the YPD – the youth police. When her new partner Hanzi arrests a teenager for power-jacking, Jem is drawn into a feud between rival barger crews. To solve the crime she gets closer to the hidden truth behind the ill-fated Climate Upgrade that flooded London.

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